How To Make Your Crappy Website Look Less Crappy

The internet design website Six Revisions has kicked off the new year right, with an article about how to turn your terrible website into a terrible but well designed website.

<– See that giant weird graphic? Apparently, that’s how websites are supposed to look – covered in giant pink F’s. I don’t know if that’ll help, but hey, what do I know?

Their other design tips include:

  • More Dancing Hamsters
  • Not Less Dancing Hamsters
  • Taking The Existing Dancing Hamsters On Your Page And Double Them
  • More Blinking┬áText (Also: someone make wordpress accept the <blink> command)

And much, much more! So check it out, webmasters and webmistresses. And tell ’em Asterios sent you. Somehow.

Photo & Source: Six Revisions

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