The internet design website Six Revisions has kicked off the new year right, with an article about how to turn your terrible website into a terrible but well designed website.

<– See that giant weird graphic? Apparently, that’s how websites are supposed to look – covered in giant pink F’s. I don’t know if that’ll help, but hey, what do I know?

Their other design tips include:

  • More Dancing Hamsters
  • Not Less Dancing Hamsters
  • Taking The Existing Dancing Hamsters On Your Page And Double Them
  • More Blinking Text (Also: someone make wordpress accept the <blink> command)

And much, much more! So check it out, webmasters and webmistresses. And tell ’em Asterios sent you. Somehow.

Photo & Source: Six Revisions

Asterios Kokkinos

I've written for National Lampoon & Cracked Magazine, been featured on NPR's "Marketplace", and had a pilot screen at the New York Television Festival. I've performed stand-up all over NY, Boston & LA. I love Babylon 5, yelling at the TV with my dad and naps.

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