There are so many cool gadgets, innovations and gizmos at the CES it’s hard to go look for just one cool thing. But here are seven such gizmos that are especially fascinating and could find their way into the home very soon.

3-D TV With No Glasses: Everyone and their mom is unveiling a 3-D TV this year, but I really want to see the new 3M TV that promises three dimensions sans the polarizing glasses that most 3-D requires. It sounds really intriguing, but the headache factor may be a major deal-breaker.

Nexus One: I just want to play with it. And if, by chance, they want to give me one, I’d be quite happy. It’s got some quite impressive specs and I want to see how fast it can be — I also want to see Android 2.1 since my phone still has 1.6.

Lenovo’s Tablet, Notebook Hybrid: Holy crap, this thing looks awesome. I’ve been pretty unimpressed by all the tablets and PMPs going around — they all seem to be a lesser, slightly smaller version of my laptop. The portability just didn’t trump my need to do actual work on a computer. But Lenovo’s IdeaPad U1 Hybrid looks to have the best of both worlds. You can type, surf and everything with the keyboard, then unhitch the screen to watch movies or read e-books. The really novel part is that when it’s unhitched, the tablet part runs on its own operating system.

Super Slim E-Reader: I still have a soft spot for books, but I am eager to peek at the next generation in e-readers. The Que e-reader looks super slim and easy to move, but anyone who’s tried an e-reader knows that if the operating system or interface is wonky, it won’t last.

In-car wireless network: finally, a way to make driving even more dangerous. A few manufacturers have announced the mobile networks, and while it would make for more tech overload for drivers, it also means endless access to steaming music and safety services a la OnStar. Ford is giving a keynote address, which could unveil some interesting new car tech.

HydroFill fuel cells: These sound pretty cool and a good step toward commercial fuel cells. The system plugs in to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen, stores the hydrogen in the MiniPak. Users then use the MiniPak to charge their devices with a USB port or adapters.

Project Natal: It took a while, for a competitor to the Wii’s interactivity, but Project Natal looks pretty good. Microsoft is poised to release Project Natal, or at least demonstrate it again. I cannot wait to see people trying it out and looking completely ridiculous.

Mini Touch Projector: The Light Touch looks simply amazing, projecting a 10 inch touch screen onto a table. These touch-projectors have been around for a while, but nothing has looked so sleek and so usable. This could really mean turning any smart phone into a work station on the go.

What else?

I want to see new apps! Since apps are about the only tech a lot of people can afford, I’d think that developers would be working extra hard to tweak their old apps and create new ones. Foursquare will be out in force, with a special badge for attendees, and these conferences are a great way for early-adopters to find those new social apps that are getting so popular.

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