Google’s sexy new smart phone the Nexus One is getting a lot coverage right now in both the tech world and the mainstream media. With all the excitement around the phone, it’s sure to be a big hit already. However, not everyone is happy about the phone – or at least about its name. The estate of science fiction writer Philip K. Dick is especially annoyed. Dick, as most geeks know, was the author of “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” If you haven’t heard of the novel, you’ve probably heard of the film adaptation: Blade Runner. In both versions, Blade Runner Rick Deckard is hired to “retire” rogue Nexus-6 Replicants. The earliest version of these androids were of course called “Nexus-1.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that Dick’s estate is ‘dealing’ with the issue now, pointing out that both the name of the phone and the operating system it runs on, Android, appear to reference Dick’s novel. Now, it would be silly to assume Google will be changing the name of the phone. After all, they’re Google – they have enough money to come to some kind of agreement with the Dick estate. Let’s all hope they can work it out. The phone looks cool enough that no one wants to see it run into roadblocks, and Philip K. Dick is a respected enough author that his estate should receive what’s owed to them. Nobody needs to hunt people down and retire them here, folks.

J. Matthew Zoss

  • I was wondering why my Nexus One had an origami unicorn on it!

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