With all talk about how cool Google Goggles is and the Layar Reality Browser and the slew of smaller social players it’s no surprise that advertisers are getting into the space.

The old adage — find your users where they live — is heard loud and clear as services like Brightkite implement ads via augmented reality browsers. But how these ads will continue to be implemented will be interesting or incredibly annoying to see.

If done correctly, users will be able to find incredibly targeted, useful ads, coupons and special offers while they are already out and about with shopping or eating on the brain. But if done wrong, these ads could become nothing more than an annoying popup over the augmented reality.

These ads could be a quick way to turn people off to a particular browser, especially when it blurs the line between a social fun time and an advertising space. Tech-savvy users could run as soon as they start thinking about how these reality browsers are taking their information and spitting ads back at them.

Hopefully advertisers will tread lightly.

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