Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled a new product yesterday at CES 2010 and it’s… a tablet PC? Hey, isn’t Apple supposed to be making one of those? Perhaps in an attempt to beat Apple to the multi-touch punch, Ballmer demonstrated HP’s new slate PC, capable of running Windows 7. They posted a teaser video on YouTube (above), which is currently getting hammered in the comments section:

Vismund: “this amazing device will sell 20 units…”

jewjack: “IM GUNNA BUY TWO! (one when it comes out, and the second to replace the first when it breaks down)”

rhadiem: “This is just another sad case of HP/Microsoft trying to copy Apple and have some of the magic pixie dust rub off on them. What they didn’t show was :20 seconds into the video the slate caught a virus, bluescreened and after a 4 minute reboot the only app for it was the HP logo sizer and a half-baked use of multitouch for Paintbrush.”

SteelVelocity: “boooo!!!”

There are some positive comments as well, along with the usual PC vs. Mac “X ripped off Y” jibber jabber. However, with over 200,000 views and an average rating of 2 stars, it can’t be ALL Mac evangelists down-voting this video… or can it? It’ll be interesting to see what people think of a demonstration that’s longer than 18 seconds.

Geoffrey Golden

  • Cool! These tablet PCs look awesome. Can’t wait to get one!

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