One of the Innovation honorees at the Consumer Electronics Show has my auduophilia enflamed to epic proportions.

Xantech, Inc. created the Digital Delivery System for audio; which pumps high quality sound with amplification into any room in the house via cheap CAT-5 cable (hear that Monster?).

Installation looks pretty simple, just the same as a light switch or wall socket without having to deal with dying by electrocution. The wall mounts come with every output you could want, as well as IR inputs for remotes and whatever else audiophiles have laying around.

This would be perfect for setting up a music center in the living room or basement and piping it into every room in the house without having to deal with spotty wi-fi or home networks. Not to mention, pumping some big bass through laptop speakers sounds like crap.

If I had a house, I would grab this immediately — right after the hot tub, the sauna, flamingos for the lawn and the secret underground lab.

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