I’ve had AT&T forever, and their refusal to incorporate support for Google products has been infuriating. Their phone’s email client has support for Juno but not Gmail. Juno! You remember Juno – the thing that Hotmail replaced? You remember Hotmail – the thing that Gmail replaced? AT&T’s supported both, but no Gmail!

So finally, AT&T’s releasing 5 Android phones. Why? Because as soon as their iPhone exclusivity ends, they’re going to lose every customer they have. Why? Because AT&T is insanely expensive and has no coverage. It costs $1,200+ a year to have an iPhone. That’s several student loan payments.

I’m on AT&T, and I get 450 minutes a month + unlimited internet/text. This costs $80. My friend has the same exact plan on Verizon for $40. Additionally, AT&T’s consistently poor coverage in the middle of the country has been the fodder of many-a-blogger. I live in Los Angeles and can’t get a signal at my house!

So AT&T’s finally getting some Google phones, as if that’ll keep us around. They’d better lower their prices while they’re at it – they’re costing me so much money, it’s almost worth breaking my contract at this point.

Source: PC World

Photo Source: Google

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