After escaping from Hollesley Bay Prison in Suffolk, England, Craig Lynch worried that perhaps his family and friends were having a hard time keeping up with his ongoing flight from the Queen’s iron-fisted justice.

“How will my mum ever know that I had to crawl through a mile and a half of sewage while Morgan Freeman waxed poetic in the background?” Lynch wondered aloud, most likely while kneeling in the mud and raging against the melodramatic soundtrack that seemingly follows him everywhere he goes.

Luckily for Lynch, Facebook came to the rescue. The 28-year-old fugitive began updating his status on the popular social networking site, leading to a number of Facebook users to take interest in Lynch. He has his own Facebook fan page, an anti fan page and (just in case the first fan page is removed by Facebook’s moderators) a backup fan page, all of which sport more than 1,000 followers.

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