Facebook Iz In Ur Profile, Violatin Ur Privacy

Facebook CEO Mark Zimmerberg recently went on record as saying that people care less about privacy today. That’s why this anonymous interview with a Facebook employee, which surfaced on The Rumpus recently, is so telling.

In the interview, the employee claims that there was once a master password that allowed Facebook employees to enter anybody’s profile. Now employees can login to profiles with the touch of a button, as long as they provide good reason to the higher ups. (Of course, couldn’t an employee claim a profile has been compromised just to get access to the user’s phone number, or even creepier – the list of their favorite bands?) Also, all private messages are stored in an easy to search database, which employees can peruse. Nice!

Many in the comments section of the article are questioning the credibility of the source. Anonymous sources are hard to trust. I will say this: given the CEO’s apparently lax views on privacy, if you’re worried about whether your private info is in safe hands on Facebook, I’d delete it immediately.

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