Don’t think an electric powered car can survive long drives or tough climates? The folks at Tesla Motors aimed to dispel these myths about the electric car by taking their $100,000 Roadster on a 2,700-mile cross-country road trip from California through Texas and up to Detroit for the currently running North American International Auto Show. So now that they’ve shown the Tesla can handle long drives, it’s time to ask the bigger question: what hilarious sexual mishaps occurred on their road trip?

If we’ve learned nothing from movies, whenever a group of people go on a road trip, sexy hijinx ensue. Did the electric car engineers stop at Al Gore’s mansion for a skinny dipping party, only to discover that some mischievous co-eds stole their hemp underwear? Did one of the engineers learn to “get off” by shocking himself with the 240 volt house plug, used to charge the Roadster’s battery? Did the craziest engineer eat a mouse?

Expect a direct-to-DVD movie in early 2011, followed by a sequel a few months later.

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