LED Table Makes For Light Meals

Ingo Maurer

This awesome table is the brain child of German industrial designer Ingo Maurer, and puts a little space fashion in your dining room.

A total of 834 of white LED bulbs are suspended inside the glass of the table, but the coolest part is that the wiring connecting it all together is invisible. So impress your friends or horrify the local townsfolk with your new table.

I couldn’t find any pricing information, which means I can’t afford it.

The table was designed back in 2003 and is being created on a limited basis. But I hope something similar trickles down to broke people like myself.

See a close up here.

Via Ingo Maurer.


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  1. mrocha Says:

    Love this table…I love Ingo Maurer works!!! He´s a designer with great and diferents ideas, all the projects that he creats are so different!!! Amaizing…love the complexity of the lamp with the broken dishes and budhas!!

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