The Blob House from dvmA is a phenomenal exercise in minimalist architecture.

Built on wood with polyester molding, the Blob House is visually stunning, but not obtrusive — perfectly designed to sit in the yard as a guest house or garden fort.

It’s equipped with a bathroom, a shower, a bed (hidden among the shelves). There is a door on the side and the front opens up like the nose of an airplane allowing easy move ins and move outs.

It brings back memories of living in a tent for a summer, but it’s much classier than my pop up tent.

The prototype is currently on display on the Verberke Foundation land; a private European art exhibition space on 30 acres of land. It’s surely not for commercial sale, but it points to really interesting future of modular housing. I can just imagine a vast park of these shiny white eggs replacing a hill of pre-fabricated trailers — suddenly it would be ultra hip to live in a trailer park.

Images by Frederik Vercruysse Via Design Boom and dvmA

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