World’s Largest Aquarium Made For World’s Largest Bachelor Pad

Ah, “the world’s largest.” Three simple words that set men’s hearts afire. Now we’ve got a new toy to lust after – the AquaDom in Berlin, Germany. It’s currently on display at the Radisson SAS Hotel, where it’s likely getting everyone laid. AquaDom stands 25-meters high, contains 900,000 liters of seawater and is home to 2600 fishes. It’s also a gigantic eyesore. Hey look, a bacta tank! I’m so glad we stayed at the Raddison, they’ve erected a monument to man’s folly!

Other factoids: it holds 56 species of fish, cost 12.8 million euros, and should not be. It simply should not be. We must destroy it, for the greater good.

Source, Image Source: Hottnez

Asterios Kokkinos

I've written for National Lampoon & Cracked Magazine, been featured on NPR's "Marketplace", and had a pilot screen at the New York Television Festival. I've performed stand-up all over NY, Boston & LA. I love Babylon 5, yelling at the TV with my dad and naps.

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