I hate power strips, they weren’t made for people who have computers. It seems every cord for my computer, speakers, monitor cell phone, laptop, router, modem and battery charger has a different size cord. It becomes a Tetris puzzle just to keep all the power on and plug in something else.

The PowerPOST took aim at my pile-o-fire-hazard by making all those plugs vertical and well spaced out.

The power strip won an award from Red Dot, which had some pretty lofty things to say about the table leg power strip.

PowerPOST functions as a fourth leg for desks as well as an electronic environment for the servicing of electrical appliances used on the desk. The concept represents “eco convergence” by merging two objects into one and therefore reducing people’s levels of consumption.

OK, eco convergence, whatever, if it cuts down on that pile of wires and keeps me from kicking out the power when I get too excited by Call of Duty, I’ll take it.

[Images via Red Dot]

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