Rumor That’s Probably True: Touchscreen iMacs Coming Soon

Some rumors are just that. But on the other hand, there are Apple rumors, which are typically spot on. Maybe it’s because Apple devotees are as fanatical about the company’s products as Twilight fans are about sparkling homoerotic vampires. So the rumors circulating that Apple will be releasing a 22-inch Touchscreen version of the iMac sometime this year. According to a report in the Chinese paper Commercial Times, the new computer will feature a screen by Sintek Photronic and will be manufactured by Quanta, the Taiwanese company that already builds a good chunk of Apple’s hardware. Little else is known about the potential new version, except that it’s expect by the end of the year and it damn well better play Fieldrunners.

A major Apple product announcement is expected January 27.

Source: Engadget

Image Source: Tech Ticker Blog

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