Wii Balance Board Good For Something: Helps Stroke Victims With Balance

If you have a Wii balance board, chances are that you have a Wii balance board that’s not being used for much. Why not donate it to science? Ross Clark of the University of Melbourne, Australia has discovered a use for the hunks of plastic: measuring the center of pressure for people relearning how to stand, such as stroke victims.

By taking the board apart to tap its strain gauges and accelerometer for their raw data, Clark found “an an extremely impressive strain gauge set-up.” Considering that laboratory-grade “force platforms” cost around £11,000, the researcher was obviously quite excited to find an equally effective piece of equipment that can be bought for around on $70 bucks on Craigslist. So pitch in, donate your dusty, unused balance board to science today!

Source: New Scientist

Image Source: Nintendo

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