This bloody, gruesome PSA about texting while driving is as ridiculously violent as a Tarantino film. In the video, a young girl is chatting with her friends and text messaging on her phone, instead of watching the road. What results is :20 seconds of gory, slow motion car crashes, followed by 3:30 minutes of hysterical crying and a little girl asking why her parents aren’t waking up.

I understand that the filmmakers were striving for “realism,” but too much melodrama makes the video feel like an awkward exaggeration. I think you’ve got to decide between the teenager constantly crying, the newly orphaned little girl and the lifeless baby. Put in all three, and you might as well add a school bus crashing into a zoo, killing all the children and several sneezing panda cubs.

Geoffrey Golden

  • Bans are Good.
    Education is Better.
    But only the OCK will actually eliminate texting while driving…
    Watch the OCK youtube video:

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