10 Possible Names For The Apple Tablet, In Order From Most To Least Likely

The rumor mills are churning, overflowing with misinformation about Apple’s heavily rumored tablet mac.  As we get ready for Apple’s unveiling on the 27th, the blogosphere has been speculating on what the computer will be named.  Rather than wait patiently and find out, we at Technomaly want to throw a few false names out there, to keep this delightfully uninformed conversation going. Who knows?  If we guess enough times, we might actually be right.

So here are 10 potential names for the device, in order from most to least likely:

10. iTablet

9.  iSlate

8. iPad

7. iGuide

6. iPod Big

5. iBreakEasily

4. iRumorGenerator

3. iMissMyKeyboard

2. iWasRippedOffBeforeIWasEvenOfficiallyAnnounced

1. i-Yi-Yi!

Photo Source: VentureBeat

Geoffrey Golden

  • Great post.

    What’s your take of the iPad Touch?

    I tell ya, I was disappointed this thing should have been awesome instead they settled for a cheap device.

    Apple iPad Tablet

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