5 Ways That Google Could Have Spiced Up Their Nexus One Debut

When Apple announced the iPhone, Steve Jobs’ presentation was met with thunderous applause and awe.  On January 5th, when Google launched the Nexus One at a press event, you could only hear the sound of critics scoffing.  Come on, Goog.  You can do better than that.  After all, when you launch a tech product, people expect you to put on a god damn show.  Here are some ways Google could have made their Nexus One debut a buzzed-about affair:

5.  A line of chorus girls walk out in long black turtleneck sweaters.  They rip off the sweaters — take that, Jobs — to reveal sexy hip-hop dance outfits.

4.  In walks Jay-Z, with Alicia Keys wheeled in behind on piano.  They sing a new variation on their hit song, called “Nexus State of Mind.” When they’re done, Jay-Z drops the mic on stage.

3.  Whenever a Google executive demonstrated a feature, like the touchscreen and voice recognition, there should have been corresponding fireworks and pyrotechnics.

2.  Live tigers.

1.  Build a Steve Jobs robot to host the presentation.  Learn from the robot, Google executives.  Learn.

Photo Source: TechTalk

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