When Apple announced the iPhone, Steve Jobs’ presentation was met with thunderous applause and awe.  On January 5th, when Google launched the Nexus One at a press event, you could only hear the sound of critics scoffing.  Come on, Goog.  You can do better than that.  After all, when you launch a tech product, people expect you to put on a god damn show.  Here are some ways Google could have made their Nexus One debut a buzzed-about affair:

5.  A line of chorus girls walk out in long black turtleneck sweaters.  They rip off the sweaters — take that, Jobs — to reveal sexy hip-hop dance outfits.

4.  In walks Jay-Z, with Alicia Keys wheeled in behind on piano.  They sing a new variation on their hit song, called “Nexus State of Mind.” When they’re done, Jay-Z drops the mic on stage.

3.  Whenever a Google executive demonstrated a feature, like the touchscreen and voice recognition, there should have been corresponding fireworks and pyrotechnics.

2.  Live tigers.

1.  Build a Steve Jobs robot to host the presentation.  Learn from the robot, Google executives.  Learn.

Photo Source: TechTalk

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