The green home has long been a dream of the eco-friendly masses and cheaper solar arrays and wind generators have given them a good supplement to the evil grid. But some people are taking green living to another level by using not only recycled materials, but local raw recycled materials.

Dubbed “Earthships,” the homes can be the key to completely getting off the crowded grid — as the ship in Earthship denotes. The thick walls of the homes are built from old stucco walls in New Mexico and bottles, cans and worn tires everywhere.

Earthships can be found in most U.S. states today, though New Mexico is the leader, followed closely by Colorado.

Several have sprung up in England and France as well as in South Africa, among other countries. And with more and more governments tightening up their building codes to require increased energy efficiency and smarter use of resources, Earthships are bound to become even more popular.

[ViaScientific American | Images via Earthship Biotecture]

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