PC Mag is reporting that TechCrunch is reporting that the founder of MP3.com says that a soon to be released iTunes revision features cloud storage of MP3s. And now, we at Technomaly are reporting on PC Mag’s TechCrunch MP3.com scoop! This is how the internet works, folks – one big game of telephone, and at the end of that telephone is the movie Snakes On A Plane.

According to MP3.com’s Michael Robertson, Apple’s purchase of LaLa.com (a music service that stores your purchases in the cloud) means an iTunes integration – the ability to hear your entire iTunes library from any web browser inĀ  the world.

Too good to be true? We’ll find out soon enough – Apple’s rounding out January with a launch event, but this idea makes a lot of sense. How great would it be to watch your iTunes television library streamed through the web? Or listen to a podcast on your home computer from your work computer sans iTunes? File this one under “we’ll see,” and then put that file in a bigger file marked, “I sure as hell hope so.”

Source: PC Mag

Asterios Kokkinos

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