Police Apprehend Geriatric ‘Stun-Gun Bandit’

Evidence that the economy is in trouble? You get laid off.

Evidence that the economy has burst into flames and is careening off a cliff? The elderly start knocking over banks with stun-guns.

68-year-old Los Angeles resident Robert Evans is in police custody tonight after LAPD investigators raided his Skid Row apartment and found evidence linking him to a recent bank robbery. The official report also links Evans (captured at left by one of LA’s omnipresent security cameras) to the robbery of a nearby clothing store in which one of the clerks was zapped by Evans’ weapon of choice.

And just how did the LAPD know to search Evans’ digs? Turns out the elderly criminal mastermind opted to rob the same bank he regularly uses to store his own money.

Yes Virginia, that means it’s quite likely that some of the money he (very slowly) made off with was actually his own.

Source & Photo Source: LA Weekly


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