Popular Mechanics has a really great list of prototype technology that will be making headlines in the future. From the next step in robot design to nano thread for my super jeans of the future, the list has a lot of neat things that even tech nerds might have heard about.

Anthropomimetic robots:

European researchers aims to bridge that gap — its robot prototype is anthropomimetic, meaning it mimics the human form. There‚Äôs a skeleton made of thermoplastic polymer, actuators that correspond to each muscle and kiteline as tendons. The goal is to create a more human-like robot that interacts with and responds to environments the way we do.

Very cool — it’s nice to see what I’ll be running from in the near feature.

Piezoelectric displays:

Companies can now create screens that can change shape or texture. This year, the technology is expected to make the leap into mainstream consumer products, offering the potential for mobile devices with screens that can harden protectively when turned off, and soften into a depressible touchscreen when turned on.

I have a feeling these will be squishy and really weird to use, but I’ll be the first to try it out!

[Via Popular Mechanics]

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