I spend a lot of time online. An unhealthy amount, some might say. I’d like to say that I’m typically using the web in productive ways, but that would be a lie. I spend a ton of time enjoying the web’s most popular memes such as LolCats, Chad Vader, FAIL Blog, Awkward Family Photos and all the other hilarious, strange and ridiculous thing that make the internet worth using. Something wonderful and terrifying has happened to bring the creators of all these popular memes together under one roof: ROFLCon, the internet culture convention.

Now in its second year, ROLFCon will be held April 30th – May 1 at MIT, and feature lectures and discussions with the folks that are shaping the culture of the internet. Registration is open now and will cost most of you $65 bucks ($45 for students). More awesome web luminaries than I could possibly list here will be in attendance, but here’s a sampling of some of the participants:

Also in attendance: The folks behind phenomena like Dinosaur Comics, Stuff White People Like, Keyboard Cat, This is Why You’re Fat, David After Dentist, the Three Wolf Moon shirt and many, many more. If you have no idea who any of these people are, I suggest you visit Know Your Meme (who will also be in attendance).

Source: ROFLCon

J. Matthew Zoss

  • Technomaly needs someone to blog at ROLFCon. – Any volunteers?

  • I think any of us would be happy to go!

  • I was actually an official blogger at the first one. I’d love to go again!

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