The CoilMaster Mark1: Look Awesome While Shooting Soda Cans

The future of weaponry is here.  For too long, we have allowed soda cans to terrorize us, enslave us and put us in Human Camps.  Well, tonight we break free.  We will overthrow our fizzy oppressors.  For tonight, we have acquired the awesome MV CoilMaster Mark 1 coil gun!

Coil guns are devices that shoot magnetized projectiles using electromagnets.  There’s a whole world of developers creating new ones.  The picture above is of the new coil gun from Daniel Eindhoven.  It’s semi-automatic, it can fire up to 14 shots and it looks like the Ghostbusters’ back-up weapon.  If you knock The Dematerializer out of Winston’s hand, he’ll pull this on you.  Also, the Mark 1 has so many lights inside it.  Why can’t regular handguns have a bunch of crazy lasers all over them?  Why can’t I live in Tron?

In the video below, we see Daniel blasting through soda can after soda can.  Then he pulverizes a piece of plexiglass and takes out a lamp.  I think it’s clear that this weapon will be our salvation in our 20 year battle against the cans.  When it comes to the CoilMaster Mark 1, they simply can-not handle it.

Source: Hacked Gadgets

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