This Almost Makes Me Want to Fly

Flying sucks. We all know that. Flying will never be good, but a few airlines are trying to make it suck less. We all know the reputation that airlines like Virgin have in the realm of relative comfort. Now there’s a new entrant into the comfortable airline contest: Air New Zealand. The airline recently unveiled an upgraded 777 jet with a “couch cabin” that features 11 rows of seats that transform into small two-person beds. The middle seat in each row can be purchased for about 50% more than what a pair of tickets on the airline would otherwise cost, making the couch row relatively affordable. Each “skycouch” row also features power sockets, USB ports and iPod connectors, giving the travelers just about every amenity that’s currently available on a plane. You can even order snacks from the touch-screen monitor on the seat back, and flights will include events to pass the time, such as wine tastings and children’s story times.

I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand, and now I have the nerdiest excuse over to go there. Wait… hiking the trail to Mount Doom is still nerdier.

Image and Story Source: Gadling via Engadget.

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