Calling all serious developers and wannabe hackers – Google just announced that locating a bug within its Chrome browser (either the current build or the open source Chromium project) will come with a sweet cash reward!

How much cash? Between $500 and $1337 (get it?), depending on the severity of the bug. You need to be the first to report the bug to Google’s bug tracker, and are free to tell the whole world about Google’s embarrassing security vulnerability while still collecting your loot – this isn’t a “cash for silence” gambit, it looks like Google seriously just wants its bugs gone.

Very clever, Google. Rewarding the internet for punching hole after hole in your software, which is what they were planning on doing anyway. Can anyone imagine Microsoft doing anything similar? I can’t – if they gave cash for every bug found in IE or Windows 7 it might well bankrupt the company! (ZING!)

Source & Photo Source: Google’s Chromium Blog

Asterios Kokkinos

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