There are so many robots out there that don’t get the recognition they really deserve (for better or worse). So I decided to find a few of the quirkier robots I’ve seen lately. So enjoy!

Robot 1: Dancing Crochet Earth
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Finally, one of these! I’ve been looking everywhere.

Robot 2: Pneumatic Centipede

A robot walking on a set of pneumatic air-powered legs.

Robot 3: Bouncing Military Bot

OK, that’s an old one, but look how cool!

Robot 4: Swimming Snakebot

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the inflatable kiddie pool.

Robot 5: Android Controlled Robot

Take that iGeeks! We Android dorks can do stuff too.

Robot 6: New Nao Robot

Sure that’s great, robots that can throw my valuables away and then lie about it, jerks.

[Via Osamu Iwasaki | Boing Boing | Make Magazine]

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