Only in Japan: The Potato Hands Chip Grabber

We try to report on useful technology here, but sometimes something pops up that’s just too goofy not to cover. Example: Poteto No Te, a japanese device that in English is called “Potato Hands.” This grabbing device from the Takara T0my corporation is designed specifically to help you grab potato chips without getting your fingers oily.

I said this item is goofy, but maybe that’s short-sighted of me. Maybe someone out there is really vexed by their love of greasy chips and their OCD compulsion to keep their hands clean. I suppose that this would be the perfect device for such a person. Unfortunately, Mr. Must-Keep-Hands-Clean-And-Eat-Chips, you’ll have to wait until June, when this life-altering device comes on the market.

Story and Image source: Akihabara News

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