Astronauts Twitter From Space, It’s Still Boring

@astro_mike: tell the astronauts planet earth says hi!

The space shuttle Endeavour takes off today, carrying with it a crew that will deliver and install the Tranquility node to the International Space Station. Also going with them are their Twitter accounts – Astronaut Mike Massimino (@astro_mike) will be accepting tweets down at mission control at the Kennedy Space Station and beaming them up to astronauts, who’ll respond to questions about the mission.

While that may not technically be tweeting from space, don’t worry – last month, astronaut T.J. Creamer – a.k.a. @astro_TJ – sent tweets to followers directly from the internet connection at the International Space Station. On January 22nd at 3:38 PM EST, the first space tweet was sent out. The message?

“We r now LIVE tweeting from the International Space Station—the 1st live tweet from Space!”

See? I told you astro-twitter would be as boring as regular twitter. Why not just tweet what you had for lunch today while you’re at it, guys? It’s as simple as writing “@earth: ate even more food from tubes!”

Asterios Kokkinos

I've written for National Lampoon & Cracked Magazine, been featured on NPR's "Marketplace", and had a pilot screen at the New York Television Festival. I've performed stand-up all over NY, Boston & LA. I love Babylon 5, yelling at the TV with my dad and naps.

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