Guy To Create iPhone App Live, Over One Week

Starting Sunday, February 7th, iPhone app developer Sahil Lavingia will be creating an iPhone app live at Lavingia, creator of the iPhone app’s Twizzle and Color Stream, says he’ll be posting “timelapses, screenshots, and other notes” in order to allow you to watch the work of an iPhone app, from scratch, happen.

What will the app be? We don’t know yet! Will he be able to accomplish his task? We don’t know that either! I do know this – I’d like it to be a game where iPhones punch Nexus One’s in the face for control of the galaxy.

That or some kind of really, really good calculator. Anyway, we at Technomaly will be following the progress of this guy’s app, and will alert you if it’s not incredibly boring.

Source: MacWorld

Asterios Kokkinos

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