According to a new study, you can actually be bored to death, so fire up the Xbox and get that new job as a bullfighter quick!

Researchers at the University College London kept tabs on 7,500 civil servants since 1985 and interviewed them about their levels of boredom.

“The findings on heart disease show there was sufficient evidence to say there is a link with boredom,” the Courier Mail quoted researcher Martin Shipley, who co-wrote the report, as saying.

Researchers said that the boredom doesn’t actually kill you, but people who are unhappy with their lives were more likely to engage in unhealthy behavior like drinking and smoking.

They said the risk wasn’t a small one either, people with “high levels” of tedium were more than 2.5 times more likely to die from heart disease or stroke than happy workers.

[Via Courier Mail]

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