Product Review: iHM79 Portable Speakers

Every now and then, I’ll get a random box on my doorstep with some tech product in it. One of the perks of being a blogger, I guess!* One of the recent arrivals contained a pair of iHome’s iHM79 portable speakers. These collapsible speakers are compatible with both mp3 players and computers, and as such are a decently versatile gadget. The two¬† speakers are about three inches tall and pump out a surprisingly beefy sound for their size. When riding my exercise bike I hooked this set up to my iPod and found that I needed to turn the iPod’s volume up all the way to hear clearly over the noise of my exercise equipment, but that it’s an old bike and most modern equipment is quieter. But even with my old workout gear I was still satisfied with the volume and impressive bass of these speakers.

I also watched a few movies on my laptop with this set hooked up, and was very pleased with the results. Normally I have to turn my computer’s volume all the way up to watch a video, but with these attached I couldn’t have the volume at more than 50% or the sound was much too loud.

The speakers connect to your computer or iPod via an included wire harness that plugs in to both speakers and has an audio-in jack and a USB plug. Unfortunately, that means you’ve got a spare cord dangling no matter which device you’re using. It’s a small complaint at best, and there’s a neat cord management clip attached to help keep the wires tidy. The two speakers attach to one another with magnets in the base and fit neatly into an including carrying bag. Overall, I’m really happy with the quality of these speakers and they’ve become a key part of my daily workout routine. At a suggested retail price of $50, I’d heartily recommend the iHM79 speakers for anyone looking for a good-sounding set of dual-use mp3 player or laptop speakers.

*Despite perks like this, professional blogging isn’t recommend for everyone, unless you enjoy being extremely poor.

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