Invented! The 20-Year Lithium Ion Battery

File this one under “the planet thanks you” – the Japanese research & development company Eamex says they’ve found a way to allow lithium ion batteries to be recharged up to ten thousand times over the span of twenty years.

How? Some revolutionary new science involving “a stabilization process of the battery’s electrodes, which in-turn puts less stress on the battery’s tin.” I always thought if you could stabilize the electrodes you’d get less tin stress!

This process his “maintains the bonding of particles for a longer period of time,” which in turn, allows your rechargeable battery to last ten times longer than those currently on store shelves.

Eamax feels this is big news for heavy-duty batteries, such as those that are used to power electric vehicles. Plus, eventually the tech will help extend the lives of smaller appliances like smartphones or laptops.

Think about it: one pair of double A’s could be with you longer than most of your girlfriends! Or, for some of you, one pair of double A’s could power most of your girlfriends!

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