Would You Buy An iPad If It Was Cheaper, Maybe?

There’s been a lot of buzz around Apple’s recently announced iPad, and let’s face it fanboys: much of the buzz has been negative.  When Pee-Wee Herman uses your device as a drink tray, you know you’ve got problems.  Perhaps that’s why Credit Suisse analyst Bill Shope thinks Apple will be “nimble” regarding the price of the iPad.  If the device doesn’t perform up to expectations in the first few months, Jobs may quickly slash the price from $499 to something less wallet-draining, claims the industry analyst.

Then again, the iPhone’s price was cut dramatically soon after its launch, and the iPhone was an immediate success.  So maybe rumors of a price cut aren’t so much a reflection of negative buzz, as they are a reflection of consumers being turned-off by a high price tag.  After all, its much touted function is as a superior eBook reader, but you can get a lowly Kindle for half the cost.

Or maybe — just maybe — tech blogs should stop obsessing over every rumor surrounding Cupertino.  When you search for Apple Rumors in Google, you get almost 15 million results.  So that’s probably enough rumor coverage to last us for a little while.

Source: eWeek

Image Sources: Bored of Jam

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