A Dinosaur’s True Colors

Last week, scientists discovered partial pigmentation in a dinosaur fossil, proving that their subject had orange feather-like fuzz. This week, another group of scientists decoded the full-body coloration of another dinosaur, the Anchiornis huxleyi. After decade of speculation, we finally know what a dinosaur actually looked like, and I’m totally not scared of it. Look at that thing. It barely fills me with any terror at all. Of course, this species of dinosaur was only about the size of a chicken, and I got over my fear of chickens weeks ago.

Scientists hope that both studies into dinosaur coloration will provide greater insight into how dinosaurs behaved and why the creatures evolved features. I’m hoping that these studies lead to a new Jurassic Park movie with giant killer bird monsters.

For more on the methodology of the studies and more images of the Anchiornis huxleyi, including a rotating 360 degree model of, check out the National Geographic website.

J. Matthew Zoss

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