Google Android InterfaceAndroid invasion! In an announcement that serves to only further infuriate me, a man who cannot afford an android handset, Google’s just announced that 60,000 android enabled handsets are shipping daily. That’s 21.9 million handsets per year.

The idea of a standardized, universal operating system for phones has long been a dream of the mobile consumer. Google, answering our prayers, has filled in this gap with the introduction of the open source Android operating system. The advantages of a universal open source operating system are obvious: we can all use the same programs, and have those programs talk to each other.

For example, if this guy on a Nokia and this guy on an LG are both running Android, then they can both use gChat to talk to one another, or play the sameĀ  games head to head, or transfer files between them without confusing operating system garbage.

As a point of reference, the iPhone moved 8.7 iPhones last quarter, so the yearly figure well dwarfs the android figure. Still, it’s pretty impressive for a system that’s only a little over two years old.

Source: MobileCrunch

Photo Source: Wikipedia

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