ShrinkIt: The Free PDF Shrinker

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got some pretty gigantic PDFs lying around your hard drive. For some reason, even my 3 page text PDFs often top pretty big, which makes them hard to send to people on legacy email accounts (I can’t believe everyone’s not on gmail either.) The other situation I often run into is replying to something on raigslist with a PDF – Craigslist has a 150k cap, which my PDFs overrun pretty often.

A new app just hit the freeware marketplace that aims to fix this common problem – it’s called ShrinkIt, and it uses OS X’s built in PDF capabilities to shrink PDFs faster than George Costanza in a pool. You just drag and drop your PDFs onto theĀ  program icon or into theĀ  program window, and in seconds you get smaller versions of the files, in the same location as the original files, next to newly saved copies of the original.

This program’s perfect for graphic heavy or particularly long PDFs. Give it a shot, and make your PC counterparts even more jealous of how easily Mac handles PDFs.

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