Web analytics company Compete.com has reported that Facebook has vaulted past Yahoo to become the second most visited site on the web behind Google.

Until two years ago, Yahoo was the most popular site on the planet. It was overtaken by Google, and now, Facebook, falling to the third most visited site on the web.

It’s always been a question of when for Yahoo. They’re outfoxed on search by Google, and Facebook just celebrated its 400 millionth user. The real question here is, “Do we need a Yahoo at all?”

To “google” something is now an adjective, whereas nobody “yahoo’s” anything. That and Facebook puts us in touch with old high school crushes in a way that Yahoo never could – how are we to stalk our past loves through Yahoo? Or play annoying games like Mafia Wars, or post links to minute causes that only we care about in order to look good to girls? Answer: we can’t, which is why Facebook wins.

There’s just no use for Yahoo anymore.

Asterios Kokkinos

I've written for National Lampoon & Cracked Magazine, been featured on NPR's "Marketplace", and had a pilot screen at the New York Television Festival. I've performed stand-up all over NY, Boston & LA. I love Babylon 5, yelling at the TV with my dad and naps.

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