Skeptical Science iPhone AppFastCompany, a website I fall in love with more and more each day, has created a list of two iPhone apps to help you spread the news that the planet is dying. Fun!

Their first recommendation is SkepticalScience, an app that provides you with common climate change denier talking points, and then gives  you the appropriate response. So the next time someone’s like, “Where’s all the global warming? It’s snowing,” instead of punching them in the face, you can just bring up the fact that global weather patterns being altered is creating both record high and low temperatures. THEN you can punch them in the face.

SkepticalScience is my favorite app, but Jungfrau Climate Guide is pretty awesome too. It’s a scenic look at the Jungfrau region of Switzerland, telling you exactly how different it’s become due to global warming. Also, apparently you can aim it at any glacier and it’ll tell you how big that glacier is supposed to be. While me and my iPhone aren’t usually hanging around glaciers, it’s still pretty cool.

For more info on these apps, Google them, you lazy son of a gun. What am I, your internet maid?

Source & Photo Source: FastCompany

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