pms buddyTechCrunch just turned me on to an iPhone app that’s as unnecessary as it is hilarious. It’s called PMSBuddy, and is designed to tell you, a frightened male who’s uncomfortable with how the female body works, when he should hide in his room playing Fallout 3.

As someone who’s actually dated girls, let me tell you – PMS isn’t actually that big of a deal. It’s not a Jeckyl/Hyde transformation from reasonable intelligent partner to savage, chocolate popping monster. Girls are always crazy, regardless of what time of the month it happens to be.

That being said, if you really need an application to tell you when your girlfriend’s period is, well, here you go. It’s available as an iPhone app, a website and a facebook widget, and is used by approximately 100,000 terrified adult males worldwide.

Coming soon: FertilityBuddy, an app that allows you to determine when your significant other is ovulating. I’m not kidding. I wish I was kidding. I’m not kidding.

Source & Photo Source: TechCrunch

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