photoshop shark attacking helicopterHappy birthday, terrible filters! Happy birthday, lens flares, and happy birthday Photoshop. Last friday, Adobe Photoshop turned 20 years old, and to celebrate, several cakes were rasterized (i.e. “eaten”).

Nah, those are all jokes, here’s some actual information: Photoshop’s long history started in 1987, when Thomas Knoll created some pixel-imaging software called “Display.” What did it do? Displayed stuff, specifically grayscale images on black & white monitors.  Then Knoll and his brother John added “processing capabilities” to Display, Adobe licensed the thing in 1988, called it “Photoshop,” and sold the first version at retail stores on February 19, 1990.

Some cool facts:

  • Layers weren’t introduced until version 3.0, which is kinda like saying “Word introduced delete in version 5”
  • The healing brush, which is the best brush out there for ugly people, was introduced in version 7.0.
  • According to Adobe, Photoshop’s got over 10 million users online. 9.9 million of them do not have girlfriends.
  • The original sales projection for Photoshop was “500 copies a month,” which has held up to today.

Once again – happy birthday, Photoshop!

Source: PC Magazine

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Asterios Kokkinos

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