Walmart announced that it will soon purchase the online HD movie streaming site Vudu, putting it in direct competition with Netflix and iTunes for streaming HD video.

On your marks, get set, golosebillionsonthisendeavor Walmart!

This is a great deal for Vudu, which is getting out while the getting is good. These movie sites come and go, and despite the availability of the service on some TVs (which will no doubt soon be sold at Walmart), it’s pretty cumbersome and too much money.

Vudu movies, which include a growing selection of HD titles, streams movies to users over their broadband connection.
Users without compatible televisions need to purchase a set-top box that ranges from $150 to $500.
Rental movies currently cost between $1 and $6, while others can be purchased for $5 to $25.

Sure $1-6 isn’t much, but anyone with new TVs and the internet likely has digital cable, which already has HD movies on demand or Netflix, which can steam through TVs too. And if they don’t have either and are techy enough to jump onto a new service like this, they already know how to pirate HD movies for free.

Oh, not to mention everyone that does battle with Netflix loses in spectacular fashion.

Walmart should really talk to me before they buy dumb crap like this, I would be happy to waste millions of dollars for the Waltons.

[Via Wired]

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