MIT researchers are taking 3D video to the actual third dimension with their prototype system of flying swarms of robot displays.

Yup, read that again — I’ll wait.

I know!! What?!

The video from MIT distills all the pertinent information, but doesn’t capture the scope that something like this could have. Hypothetically, the “Flyfire” technology could create giant moving displays about anything anywhere.

Think of those cheesy laser light shows that once blew people’s minds. Bands could use this to fill a stadium with their light displays or video of the band. Outdoor venues could have towering video arrows instead of spotlights.

I guess advertisers could use the technology to advertise to people in airplanes or at popup events like carnivals that don’t need dedicated billboards or lighting.

It’s not going to be HD video in the sky, but with a little creativity a swarm of flying robots could wow just about anyone.

[Via Make Magazine | MIT]

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