electric car charging in gridI’m only writing about this because this story’s everywhere, but the National Science Foundation recently proposed an idea – what if electric cars could sell their extra unused energy back into the energy grid?

It’s a shift in perspective – as opposed to simply being energy consumers, plugging in and sucking energy down, they could plug in and resell stored energy, in essence becoming little mobile power storage units. And given that more and more hybrids are coming with solar panels installed, a car could conceivably be making you money while parked & plugged in under the hot sun.

So why haven’t we written about this yet? Because it’s ludicrously theoretical, that’s why. Before we start coming up for ways that electric cars can make their users money, why don’t we focus on the fact that almost nobody has an electric car?

This is the most cart-before-the-horse story circling the blogosphere right now, but hey, I guess if it inspires one idiot to buy an electric car assuming it’ll make them rich on energy production, it’ll all be worth it. Now get out there and buy electric cars before I come after you personally!

Source & Photo Source: PopSci

Asterios Kokkinos

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