Researchers at Imperial College London are claiming to have created a plastic made of glucose polymers extracted from grasses and trees. This sugar based plastic would take mere months to decompose as opposed to centuries, and could seriously save all of us from drowning in trash.

That’s incredible. Apparently, the new plastic is also more energy efficient to create than traditional  plastic, and seeing as it’s based on sugar, doesn’t require fossil fuels to create.

Jesus christ, anything else this plastic can do while they’re at it? We gonna   find  out that this plastic’s also a flash drive and a GPS?

Developers of the plastic are currently readying a “market ready” version of the stuff, and if you ask me, it can’t get here fast enough. How many times do we need to hear stories of floating trash scows before we finally come up with a solution? That, and the idea of composting egg shells and plastic bottles in the same load is pretty funny. Hurry up, science, we’re running out of damn time!

Source & Photo Source: FastCompany

Asterios Kokkinos

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