Email Your Files Into The Cloud With SugarSync

The advent of cloud-based file storage is one of my personal favorite technological advances of recent years. I once lost several years of writing when my computer’s hard drive failed because I was bad about backing it up on discs, but now I’ll never have to worry about that again. Every file I save is automatically backed up to a cloud-based folder so it’s accessible from all of my computers or any other machine with an internet connection. Cloud-based storage, how I love thee so!

While I use a program called Dropbox for my cloud storage, its competitor SugarSync just added one hell of a new feature: the ability to email a file to your online storage folder. Just email a file to your personal SugarSync address, and the file will automatically be uploaded to your storage folder. Of course, file size is limited by your email’s outgoing mail size limit, but for most users this will be a super-convenient way to hang onto files they want to keep without using up inbox storage space or carrying a flash drive every time  they use a public computer.

Story and Image Via Lifehacker.

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