alan turing test
Alan Turing, of the famous "Turing Test." There is no audio of him recorded anywhere.

Did you know that there are no voice recordings of computer pioneer Alan Turing, or of hovercraft inventor Christopher Cockerell? You think someone would have shoved a microphone in the face of Nobel laureate AV Hill at some point, but no – these scientists, in fact, 30 major British scientists – including 9 Nobel winners – have all died leaving little or no archive of their work.

The British Library aims to change this, by interviewing 200 living British scientists over the next three years to create a massive online archive of their lives via audio. The scientists will be chosen by an advisory board and the audio will be available for all to hear.

The first scientist up? Geoff Tootill, who is one of the men who created the first programmable computer – the Manchester Small Scale Experimental machine, which firstĀ  saw action in 1948. Said Dr. Katrina Dean, history of science curator at the British Library:

“It’s about building up the profile of 20th Century British science from the ground up.”

Couldn’t agree with you more, doctor.

Source & Photo Source: BBC

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