And a great horde of moogles and chocobos rejoiced, as their franchise, straight and true, landed on that most chosen of platforms!

Final Fantasy – specifically, Final Fantasy’s I and II – have arrived for the iPhone, greedily sucking apart whatever was left of your free time. The twin franchise leaders – the second of which is the actual Japanese Final Fantasy II and not the NES version of Final Fantasy II (which was really Final Fantasy IV) – are available now in the iTunes store for $8.99 each, a mere pittance when compared to the hours of fun they’ll bring!

And are the graphics updated? As Sarah Palin would say, You Betcha! They look to be the same or similar versions as to the ones released for PSP a few years ago. Check out these sweet screenshots Mashable pulled, and tell me with a straight face that this isn’t the most exciting thing to happen to the iPhone since 3g.

Source & Photo Source: Mashable

Asterios Kokkinos

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