Hybrid Sanyo Bike Means Effecient Use Of Burgers

Bikers could soon have a little extra help with those tricky hills thanks to the technology behind hybrid cars.

Finally, the most efficient machine is even easier to use thanks to Sanyo’s series of hybrid bikes.

The series of bikes has been getting more advanced over the years, and the new SPL models are the smartest yet. Whereas previous editions could only regeneratively charge themselves on down hills or when the brakes were applied, this new series can juice up while the rider is pedaling along on the flats. This presumably increases the rolling resistance somewhat but the new “Eco Charge Mode” is said to boost range by 53 percent.

More importantly, a new chrome basket shows that this ride means business.

It won’t come cheap, though, shipping to Japanese pedalers on April 21 for ¥157,290, or about $1,800.

[Via Engadget]

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